Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Very Cherry Swap : Very Cherry Indeed


Today I am going to share with you a wonderful swap package I receive from Lynda , my swap partner assigned for this Very Cherry Swap.  Tina (emilyannkloset) started the swap over on instagram with hashtag #verycherryswap.

I am amira_littlemushroomcap in Instagram by the way.

On a lovely Monday holiday, I receive this bundle of package full of cherry goodness! I love all of them, especially the lip balm (I am a sucker for lip balm) and the pouch! oh and the cute socks! Truely, I love all of them, can't really pick a favourite. Look at that cute pom pom ric rac on the pillow case. Just perfect.

I am very thankful to have such a lovely partner, Lynda and the efforts she puts in all the things she made here. It was all very lovely indeed.

All goodies in one pic. Lucky Me

Cherry Swap received

So much of happy cherries!

all goodies in one

The coasters are perfectly cherry too!

cherry coasters

In return, this is the package I sent her. I love this swap as this swap embraces that we have each other as swap partners.

All packed in a cherry bag I had saved from my last trip cherry picking last year. Another fun thing about this swap is that I squeal everytime I see anything cherry, knowing that I could include it in the swap package. So this bag was definitely one squeal!

very cherry packaged in a reusable cherry bag

Here are the things in the package:

all in one sent

A pin cushion made with fussy cut 1/2 inch hexies and super cute cherry tag I found when I was back in Malaysia :

 Very Cherry Pin cushion

very cherry tag on on pincushion

A sweet charm with a cherry on top! (printables available for free here). So easy to customize your gift with a certain theme with free printables!

  Sweet as Icecream with cherry on top charm

Another customized with the same printable.

packaging in a very cherry package

 She loves lady bug, so I bought lady bug button and stuck them onto the printable too. Made a diary so cherry with the same printable.

I print and cut out a cupcake wrapper with the free printable available here.

Deco with printables

Made simple stickers from them too.

Cupcake wrapper

Made the quilt label with a bit of embroidery. Can you spot some cherries in the free motion quilting I did on this quilt?

mini quilt label

The very cherry pouch, embelished with a cute lady bug zipper I found at the recent quilt & craft show.

ladybug charm zipper pull

The open wide pouch has a cherry tag to cover the end of the zipper. Fussy cut.

end of zipper - fussy cut cherry

Overall, I really enjoyed making all of them and have enjoyed the surprise I got from the lovely package Lynda sent me.

Have you been in a swap lately? I am joining another very soon or maybe even start one. Are you interested?

Well, till next time, Have a gorgeous time sewing, quilting or enjoying life!



Sunday, September 21, 2014

Tutorial : Simple Tote from fabric selvedges (selvage edges)



Today I would love to share you a tutorial on how to make a simple tote. A tote with an exterior made of selvedges. Throwing out bits of fabrics has always been hard for me. Even the littlest or the tiniest let alone the selvedges, long strips of fun text with a bit of the fabric itself. Some have really cute colour codes which make it even harder to throw out. So I decided to keep them, hoping some day I will get to use them in a string quilt like this,this or this.

bundle of selvedge

But in the meantime, I just like to see them used in a simple quick project. So I made a tote out of some of them.

I have them in different sizes, mainly because they are left overs and sometime I need to use the fabric as much as near the edge but I still keep the selvedge because of the texts.

selvedge pressed

Here is the tutorial for the selvedge tote, so you can go make one too!

You can make any size you want, but here I will give out the size I use for mine.


  • A pile of selvedges. It will be easier to have long ones, longer than the width of the tote. Otherwise, you may patch them beforehand
  • quilt batting, slightly larger than the size of your tote (I use 2 pieces of 15 x 18")
  • half yard of lining fabric
  • a fat quarter for the interior pocket
  • a pair of straps, (I use an old overall straps for mine) 
    • you can also make one using 4 strips of 2 x 40" fabric -  place two strip right sides together, sew all around leaving a 3" gap for turning right side, Turn right side out, press and top sticth all around the sides. Make a pair.  
For the tote:

  • First, you will need to piece and quilt as you go the exterior pieces. Sew the selvedges onto the batting covering the raw edges with the neighboring non-fraying edge.


  • If the selvedge finish edge is one of those fray finish, you may put the selvedge right side together and sew rough edges together and flip open.
more sewing

  • Continue until the batting is filled. Do the same for the other piece.
  • Trim the piece to size, 14" x17" with a curvy bottom corners.
  • Cut the same 2 piece for the lining from the lining fabrics

trim to size
  • Remove about a 1/4" of batting from the top side of the piece. I like to do this to avoid bulk later on when sewing the top side.
  • Cut out 15 x 10" out of the pocket fabric. Fold in half with right sides facing, so that it now measures 7.5 x 10". Sew all the way around and leave a small opening for turning right side out. Press and top stitch the edges.
  •  Place onto one of the lining piece. Center it out. I put mine about 7" away the top edge. Sew onto the lining piece on the 3 sides leaving the top side open so that this will become the pocket. You can also stitch the middle down, so that you can have two smaller pocket instead
lining and pocket
  • Place the strap 3" away from the sides, and the end of the strap should be 7" from the top. Mark a line 1 1/2" and 2 1/2" away from the top. This is where I make the square with an X.  
  • Pin and sew the strap onto the exterior piece.

sew the strap

  • Place the two lining piece right side together and sew the sides and the bottom leaving the top side open. Turn right side out. Clip the corners carefully not to snip the stitches
  • Place the exterior piece right sides together and sew the sides and the base leaving the top side open.

put lining in

  • Now place the lining piece inside the exterior piece right sides together. make sure the straps is put inside too.
  • Pin and sew the top edge, leaving a gap for turning right side out.

sew to edge

  • Turn right side out. Press well and top stitch the top seam, closing the gap as you go. Press well.

It's done. Enjoy!

selvedge tote
frinish tote frinish tote 2 daily tote

Hope you enjoy the tutorial!


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Finish : Jelly Roll Jam II


I have a small finish to share. A baby quilt made for a special baby just born last two week. She is still in the hospital in the incubator, but she is strong and healthy. Hopefully, she gain enough weight and would be ready for the outside world very soon.


I followed the wonderful tutorial by Fat Quarter Shop for this quilt. It is called the Jelly Roll Jam II.
The process was very quick and it is definitely the perfect way to use up some of the jelly rolls I have. This one is by Riley blake, Seaside by October Afternoon. I love a lot of the fabrics in this line. So many basics and love the colours in this line.

jellyrolljamII-backing michael miller dumb dots

I decided to bind it with a yellow dots and the backing is Michael Miller Quarter Dots in grey. The baby is a girl, but I decided to go neutral just in case.

Here is my little helper, he is still small to hold up the quilt well, but this is a great practice and a good start isn't? :P

jellyrolljamII-with my little helper

jellyrolljamII-with my little helper 2

I quilted it with a simple mendearing double loopy loops.

jellyrolljamII- close up_ riley blake seaside in october

I decided to go quick with the binding and machine finish it off with a zig zag.

jellyrolljamII-zigzag binding

A great pattern, and a great quick finish if you are looking for a quick quilt, make sure you try this!


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Around The World Blog Hop

Hi! I was tagged by lovely Nurdan from HugAbitQuilt for the blog tour of around the world blog hop, and it was suppose to be yesterday that I get this posted, but I have totally forgotten. I can be so disorganized sometimes. :P

 Anyway, it has been fun reading and hopping around seeing quilty people around this blog hop. So,here are my answers to the few questions below.. hope you enjoy your time here !

 1. What am I working on? 

 I have few or more at the moment but the one I am currently trying to finish off is this swoon quilt I made. I am currently working hard quilting it off. It is going slow as I am very busy on weekdays but I sometimes try to squeeze time at night for a bit of quilting.


2. How does my work differ from others of its genre? 

 I would say, my work is not much different from others, I get inspired by all kind of quilters and love trying new things. I haven't yet found the one and only style I love, but I am building towards that. I love freemotion quilting and I love exploring new ways to improve my skill. I am interested towards building my skill in modern patchwork and quilting too. Here is a modern hexagon placemats I made. You can find the tutorial for this here.

  Quilted placemats_ free motion quilting_hexagon

I also enjoy making items such as wallet, and bags. Here are wallets, which I made a pattern available for others to enjoy too. You can find the pattern here on Craftsy or here on Etsy.

Main Photo2

3. Why do I write/create what I do?

 I create because it makes me happy. It takes stress out of my head and I feel like I am so myself when I create. Colours makes me happy too.

  Sewing Space

4. How does my writing/creating process work? 

 I often do whatever I feel in the mood. I do knit and crochet as well, so sometime when i am lazy to sit and sew at the sewing machine, I would be with my knitting needle or crochet hook.

  My Sock knitting Project box

As much as I love to write more, I have very limited time nowadays since I am so busy writing for my studies too. Sadly, I also feel guilts sometimes. It's normal I guess. But anyway, I am very thankful that I have a creative channel and this blog to express my interest and my love for craft!

 I would love to invite you to visit a few others, but am still waiting for their respond for this blog hop. I will update soon! For the time being, feel free to browse around my blog!

You can also find me on Instagram and flickr!


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Patchwork Crochet Edged Potholder


Been quiet around here lately. Off on holiday the last couple of weeks and now I am back in Canberra.

Been sewing a tiny bit here and there whenever I have some times in between chores, studies and other responsibilities. I love it how sewing can just bring me somewhere where I feel so myself.

Anyway, I joined over the #verycherryswap over on Instagram and got myself busy with some cherry fabrics. However, I haven't started any sewing for my swap partner just yet but I already have few ideas. She wanted something for the sewing room, and I think I have just the thing for that.


 In the meantime, I am making patchwork potholders for a special someone whose birthday is coming very soon. Can't resist the combination of theses fabrics altogether. I love scrappy stamp look.

I crochet the edges for a bit of vintage inspired look. Love them so much that I wanna keep them! So, I guess that is a good sign that it will be a great gift don't you think?

patchwork potholder

 Well, till next time! I have few quilts that needed quilting but I ran out of threads..... still waiting for the mail for them.. hopefully I will have bigger finishes soon to share.

Thank you for reading!


linking up to CrazyMomQuilts

Friday, July 11, 2014

Girlfriend's Wallet : Crafty week with my sister


I had an amazing sale for the Girlfriend's wallet last week, and I thank you each of you who have bought the pattern and support my endevour in pattern making. I wish all of you will try and make the wallet as it is soooo much fun!

Me and my sister spent most of our week together making the wallets in different fabrics. Liberty included. I really love wallet making. So satisfying.


The pattern will be on sale (only $5!) till Sunday 13th July 8.00pm EAST time. You can purchase the pattern here on Craftsy or here on Etsy.  The pattern includes 50+ photos to guide you through the wallet making process. You can even grab some more tips over on instagram with #girlfriendswalletsewalong or scroll down my instagram profile.

You can make the wallet with a scrappy quilted look too. It is up to you. Let your imagination fly. Share with me your finish work too. I would really love to see them!

The back of this #liberty wallet is as much fun. #patchwork #libertyfabric #sewing #handmade. Girlfriend's Wallet pattern still on sale on etsy and craftsy for only $5. Lets sew along with me #girlfriendswalletsewalong #girlfriendswallet #LMCpatternDid you know you can make this wallet with 3 fat 1/8th and one fat quarter? Perfect to use those precious #libertyfabrics I would say..the arrival of @polkadotteafabrics  #libertyclub just really got me working on this baby. #girlfriendswalletsewalong.My sister made a liberty patchwprk version of the 'girlfriend's wallet'.  Pattern still available on etsy and cratsy for $5. Offer ends Sunday 12th JulyUntitled
Linking up to finish it up friday and link a finish friday


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