Friday, April 18, 2014

Briar Rose Starry Diamond Quilt


I am back with this quilt and I can say it is finally finished! I put it aside for quite sometimes, after quilting it a quarter way. Then I moved house, and haven't got the mood to start quilting it again in my smaller sewing space (I shall share with you soon) until last weekend. The quilt has a fold crease now, but I hope it goes away after washing.

Quilt Briar Rose Starry Diamond Equilateral Triangle swirly quilting

I had fun doing free-motion quilting on this quilt. Just swirls and bubbles (or pebbles). The stars were quilted with swirls evolving from the center.

Quilt Briar Rose Starry Diamond Equilateral Triangle Close up

The story behind this quilt? I received my briar rose bundle, decided to cut them as equilateral triangles, then I played around with those triangles. I ended up with this Stars which I group it in Diamond hence the name ~ blergh. Then I decided to add the border. I still have many triangles left, maybe I'll make another quick baby quilt.

Quilt Briar Rose Starry Diamond Equilateral Triangle by littlemushroomcap 2

Quilt Briar Rose Starry Diamond Equilateral Triangle by littlemushroomcap

I love this line of fabrics, the colours made me smile. Made me wish I have a baby girl. I am going to keep this quilt or probably gift it to my sister.

Quilt Briar Rose Starry Diamond Equilateral Triangle bunting

Quilt Stats :
Fabrics : Heather Rose Briar Rose Collection + Kona White
Size : 58 x 78"
Batting : Warm and Natural Cotton
Machine bound and domestic machine quilted (Janome QCP8200)

Quilt Briar Rose Starry Diamond Equilateral Triangle

Overall, I love the end result, but I wish I have more bed size quilts these days. So, my next projects are going to be more of bed quilts. I love the satisfying feeling of dressing up the bed with quilts I made. What do you do with so many small quilt? My sofa is full, and most of my smaller quilts are just folded, which made me feel sad.

Hope you have a fun holiday! Enjoy the beautiful Spring for those having Spring time, and enjoy Fall for those down-under!

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Lovely Things Monday : Bunnies and Turnip


On the mood board this week, are some cute bunnies and carrots/radishes. Signs of Spring or Fall where ever you are. One thing for sure, Easter chocolates are everywhere and I simply can't help myself resisting chocolates!

Here are some eye candy you should go and visit this week.

1. Elizabeth Olwen 

:: This illustration was the one that caught me to her lovely website. And from there, I got to know that she is also into designing fabrics too! Preview her line of fabrics here.

Yummy root fruit/veges - i love her soft color choices too.

2. How about bunny pouches to sew! Perfect for goodies or just for fun because they are soooo adorable.

:: Lovely tutorial here for these adorable pouch
Image source

Or make this sleeping one
Image Source
3. Crochet Bunnies are cute too.

:: Pattern for the bunny soft toy here.

Image source

:: Wrapping a succulent pot with a bunny is an amazing idea! You should visit lisenncabane for more refreshing crochet!

:: Crochet radishes look yummy too in crochet!

radis en crochet
Photo by Gedane
Well, enough bunnies and root veggies for today! I am off to finish some quilting then I am planning to start wrapping my succulent pots too!


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Girlfriend's Wallet Pattern Release


Finally, after having wonderful testers out there, I am able to release my Girlfriend's Wallet pattern! It is now available on Craftsy and Etsy. I am very happy with it and hopefully it will be useful for all of you who would like to make your own handmade wallets.

Wallet pattern

This pattern includes 16 pages with 50 clear photos with written instructions to guide you through the making process. I have many wallets before, and I find the way I make this wallet turns out to be the best so far and produces a very professional looking wallet. Even more, you can make it in your favorite fabric or even make a quilted version. I love mine!

So, why wait? Go and make your handmade wallet today! Am sure it will catch those eyes at the cashier.

Main Photo2

Thank you to all of my testers, they were all wonderful and has given a lot of feedback that helped made the pattern better. Here are their versions.

Tester's version
Right side from top to bottom made by : Rose, Vicki, Kirsten. Left side : Daryl and Amy

Thank you to all my testers, to all who did volunteered too! Sorry I couldn't pick all of you. You all have been a wonderful supporter and really do appreciate all of you who have come to visit me here in my littlemushroomcap.


Friday, April 4, 2014

Making baby gifts : Crochet Beanies


These days, I love spending time with yarns. I made these beanies the other day and was in love with them! They were gifts for the newborns recently.

Lime Green crochet beanie

This is a quick project and suitable for beginners. If you are planning to crochet and looking for a beginner project, this is a good one. Here is the link to the free pattern.

In the mean time, enjoy the photos! I love the texture of crochet goods!

Lime Green crochet beanie _ doublke layer flower crochet 

Close up _ crochet beanie with flower

Pink crochet beaniePackage _ littlemushroomcap_ mushroom
Love the stickers I received from my DQS14 partner last time. Perfect for sealing the packaging I'd say.

Well, Hope you are heading to a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pricing Sewing Patterns : Thoughts and Tips


I have been thinking about pricing patterns lately. My Girlfriend's wallet is soon to be released and am still weighing how much shall it be sold for. So, while thinking about this, I thought I should share some of my thoughts about pricing sewing patterns based on little research that I did. You are most welcome to leave a comment of what you think too, cause I would love to hear it. In fact, it will be a great place to have a bit of discussion on this topic and see things from various points of view.

Girlfriend's Wallet prototype I made before I finally got the hang of it :
custom handmadecustom handmade 

Going back a few years ago, I never thought I would ever buy a pattern, because there are so many free tutorials out there. However, those days have definitely changed. I bought some lovely patterns from Indie designers and most of the one one I bought was definitely worth the price. Nowadays, PDF patterns have become popular with fast delivery directly downloadable in Etsy shops, Craftsy or any other platform.

I think Craftsy is a great platform for PDF patterns. I love browsing through all of them. However, I do find that I rarely buy from those whom I don't really know. I mostly buy from those who blog, as I can basically have a sense of how their work is and I get to know their patterns through their blog too.

I heart quilt pattern on craftsy
I Heart Quilt Pattern available on Craftsy

I previously bought some patterns from Red Pepper Quilt, Elizabeth Hartman, Noodlehead and other designers at Go To Patterns. So far, I love every single one of them. I love the details and photos in Elizabeth Hartman's pattern and I think they are definitely worth their price. I learn new things in each one I own. RPQ's pattern are far simpler, but I love the simplicity of it too, but I probably be a bit choosy of which pattern I buy.  As much as I love Thimbleblossom's design, I realised I haven't bought any pattern Camille, except the one in Craftsy class and her books. In the craftsy version, I thought the patterns seem a bit too simple for me though the design and the fabrics she chose is of course drop dead gorgeous. Swoon. So, in that case, I guess I rather find it is worth buying the book and the craftsy classes instead. And not to forget, her lines of fabulous fabrics.

From my experience, most quilt patterns seem to be more simplified with less steps (since most of them are block repeat) whereas bag patterns are more complicated,with critical steps and clothing patterns are in between them. PDF clothing patterns are quite a task to put together, but I still think they are worth it.

While I am thinking about pricing my upcoming patterns, I pick up some tips how to price patterns, so I would love to share them with you :

tips to price craft pattern

1) Compare with similar patterns : visit pattern stores and see how others price their work. This does give a bit of hint. Though, from my experience the range of pattern prices is really wide especially in Craftsy. It is also difficult to judge since we don't know how the pattern is written unless we bought it.  So I did this instead : look at the price and the way the pattern is written in all of the patterns I bought. Then compare how your work is to them and see how they match. The price should be in the same range of the one that matches your work. 

2) Research your audience : Visit others who you think might be a potential buyer. You can do a bit of stalking to see what patterns they have bought and how much is your potential buyer is willing to spend for a pattern

3) Have an aim and do a little bit of calculations. Gauge how much time you have spent on making the patterns, the prototype and how many photos you have taken/edited for the pattern. Then, set a reasonable time and amount that you aim to achieve. For an example, lets say you can sell 2 patterns per month, in 12 month, you may sell 24 patterns. If you sell each one at $8, you shall earn $192. Not much, but it is a long term sell. Remember that it can still be sold after 12 month anyway. And you may get more buyers as you promote or grow.  

4) Seek others opinion. I think this is best. And that is what I am doing now, so please do leave a comment on your thoughts.

5) Have your own opinion and believe in your strength. I guess in the end you also have to have a bit of confidence and believe in yourself. Gauge how happy you are with the pattern and how much would you like to earn from them. It is no fun having to make such effort and spend a lot of time making the patterns and not get as much as you wanted. I mean, we are just doing little business here and I believe all of us are actually supporting each other. Most of us make patterns to sell just simply to support a tiny part of our crafty hobbies.

So there, 5 tips to put a price on your pattern. Now, these are just some tips. Not a hard and fast rules. The part of getting it sold is another thing, which I think is rarely due to the pricing. Maybe making it cheaper shall get you more buyers, but in the end I think it really depends on how you sell them to public and letting them know the existence of the pattern itself.

These are just my two cents, I have no affiliation whatsover with any of the pattern designers above. It is solely my opinion. How about you? care to share your thoughts on this topic or even share some of your experience with patterns? What kind of patterns do you think is worth buying? How much will you pay?

Last but not least, I would also love to hear, at what price would buy the Girlfriend's Wallet Pattern?

Thanks so much for reading this, would love to hear your thoughts too.


Monday, March 24, 2014

Lovely Things Monday : 5 links you should visit for inspirations this week : Feathers Theme

I will try my best to post every Monday, where I find pretty stuff that I think they're worth to share. I do believe inspiration comes in many forms, but I am just a little addicted to searching for pretty things! Especially handmades and indie designs..

1. The lovely embroidery pillow by Coral and Tusk. They are machine embroidered but so intricate. Love the details yet the simplicity of the pillow let the design shines.

2. {No} hats in the house has a free pattern for this gorgeous paper-pieced feather arrow.

3. How about some gorgeous free-motion feathers to drool over at marelize-ries.

Photos and work by marelize-ries

4. Andrea Lauren have some gorgeous fabric design with arrows and feathers as a theme over at spoonflower.

5. And if you have followed me on instagram, you may notice I have a thing for watercolour though it has been a while since I touch my watercolour. I love the wonderful colours and tones the watercolour effect can give. Here is a print you can get from SnoogsandWilde at etsy

I hope you enjoyed my list today as much as I did.
Be inspired, and enjoy your crafty endevours every day.


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Seeking Pattern testers : Girlfriend's wallet pattern by Littlemushroomcap


I am having fun making more wallets! This time I even include a patchy one and it's quilted. Loving this quilted version. I want to make more quilt version in the future. And guess what? You can be making yours too with my pattern soon to be released! It is called Girlfriend's Wallet.

Main Photo2

I have finalized the pattern and currently I am seeking for volunteer to test out the pattern. If you are interested, please email me or leave a comment below. I would be choosing the tester by the end of Monday 24 March 2014.

Main Photo

Requirement for testers :
- To finish sewing the wallet by 5th April
- Give me feedback once the wallet is done (by 5th April)

I would be happy to have few tester from different level of sewing skill. Though I must say, the pattern does require some basic skill like sewing a zipper, dealing with interfacing and basic understanding of sewing.


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