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Simplify Project : Camille Roskeley ~ My first Quilt

Dear all,

I am new in this field of quilting as I never had a chance to do much quilting in Malaysia. We do not use quilt very much with the hot tropical weather. However, since I am now here in Australia, I thought I might take this time to make sure I make some quilt and pick up some new skills as well. I learn to piece better, sew the border and most of all, machine quilting with this quilt! i love machine quilting... and I can't believe I achieve this result just by using my Janome DC2050.

 I am a student ~ not much money to spend and I decided to go with the lowest price of the computerized machine Janome had. I got this machine for only $399... but I had to invest more $ on the darning foot and walking foot.

 I machine quilt this with a bright green/yellow thread just so that it stands out at the plain black top and bottom border. I use Janome open-toe darning foot and find that it is a bit more difficult doing this pattern than the standard stippling, but its worth it.

Anyway, so here it is:

This is my first quilt!! I am so proud of it, looking at it everyday till now even. I made this quilt for my LO's first Birthday. I visited Camille Roskelley when I started searching for inspiration and begin my quilting journey. I fell in love with the photos taken of  her LO on his birthday and I so loooove the monthly photo she took of her LO on different quilt here.

I am a little late for that, Asyraf is almost a year old already when I just began to fiddle with quilting, but I am ever so glad I finished the quilt by his first birthday! I follow the pattern from Camille's book : Simplify. The pattern is Little Man. So i find it was the most suitable for my little boy...

I am planning to do all of the quilt in that book! I hope I do get to it. So much plan, so little time...

Well, till then

Happy browsing!

Amira Ameruddin

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