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Cupcake Wallhanging Quilt

Hi girls,

In the intervals of large project, it is always nice to have some of those little quilt finished. I made this quite some time ago, yet still have not been blogged. So here it is.
I made this wallhanging to get the hang of machine quilting - thus explaining why such a large negative space. 
With this project as well, I learnt how to do raw-edge applique.

Well.. still a lot of space for improvement.. but I love it.
Machine quilting is quite addictive but it takes a while to get used to as well and a lot of patience. This little quilt took me quite some times to be finished. But finally I did it.

The best part is the binding part. This time I tried the tutorial here. I love the output of having no stitches showing up from the front side, but it takes a lot of care to make sure that it looks neat on the back as well.

So in total this little quilt is for me to practice raw applique, machine quilt and binding! That's why I love little quilt projects!

Till then, 


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