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A big Thank You and a share of Paper Piecing Pattern


Firstly, A huge thank you to all who hopped over my blog for my turn on the "bowls with borders" bloghop and all the lovely comments! It has been great reading all of them and it has certainly gave me a boost of motivation to share more in the future. There is a great deal of cheerleaders out there supporting and its great to hear from all over the world sharing the same interest!

For those who haven't join in the chance to win the giveaway of these fabrics below, hop on the post here and take a chance!

Giveaway Blog Hop

Today I am also sharing my foundation for paper piecing the mixer I made for my runner/wallhanging.
It is my first time creating a paper-piecing foundation pattern, so please pardon me for whatever is lacking. If you do have any trouble with it, post a comment and I'll try and get back to you. :)

So here is the link to the pattern. Kitchen Mixer Paper Foundation Pattern.
(I have just subscribed to a pdf share file : hopefully it'll work, if it doesn't, please contact me)
It's a 10" block..

**[I found out a little mistake in my instruction .. step 5 : it should be block in step (3) and (4) instead of (2) and (3) ] I'll repair that and remove this **

I did not include any instruction on how to do paper-piecing, but there is a lot of source out there that can be available.  You can also visit Regina's website for a lot of tips and trick here.

Well, I hope you will enjoy it.

Got to start quilting.


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