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Nothing much, just a little update on work in progress and a share of my inspiration to the quilting world...

I am new to the world of quilting. I would have never thought I could be this deeply passionate about quilting if it hadn't been because of the blogworld. I fell in love with lots of creative people out there who blogged and share their creative talents. I have lots of experience sewing, but not specifically quilting or patchwork. So the last 6 months has been a tremendous great deal of learning and being inspired with a lot of things around the internet and books. Today, I am sharing a part of it with you. You may have visited them, followed them or even be one of them!

One of my first love and the first blog that inspired me to the world of quilting and the world of fresh modern fabrics is Camille Roskelley from Simplify. I bought her book too! From there, I found a blog by Kristyne, Pretty by Hand and at that moment, I know I wanted to do what she did - do all the project in the Simplify book. Which is slowly in progress...hopefully I'll succeed! I have only finished one below and currently working on another one.

Then, I got to know to machine quilting. I was determined to learn that, so I went through a whole lot of youtube and found Leah Day from Free-Motion Quilting. She has great videos and I was so inspired with a great big fact that she can quilt on domestic machine. So, it is possible! And she is a darling angel at motivating others to learn free-motion quilting. And I was one of them - motivated to work as hard to get those skill of machine quilting.

But I didn't stop there, I stumbled onto great long-arm quilters like Judi at Green Fairy Quilts and Angela at Quilting is My Therapy. Both, who are amazing quilters!! I love and love looking at their work. I even bought Angela's book and it has just arrived last week and am still reading it and being inspired.

Of course there were more inspiration that I may not have listed here, but I'll do that every now and then in my blogpost. Because there is too much out there that can inspire you. And I love it! Don't you?

Well, anyway, today, I am sharing you a little work in progress :

My last piece of Bowls with borders quilted yet to be bind.

placemat quilted2 I was playing with different pattern, free-motion following the fabric pattern.

placemat quilted4

placemat quilted3

This is my first time using the thread from Superior Threads (Mono-poly : an invisible one). I bought this at a visit to the Craft and Quilt Fair Canberra early this month with some other things too. Its great that it is so fine and invisible that mistakes are less obvious.

Quilt Fair finds

And since the thread was already on the machine, courageously, I start quilting my Irish Chain quilt that had been kept aside for quite sometimes already. Luckily it was already basted. So I started drawing using green Pilot Frixion felt tip pen and just slip it down my machine.

Quilting the Irish Chain

This is my second time attempting to machine quilt sized about a lap quilt. The first one was here with my first Simplify project. The difference is I wanted more out of this, not just simply stippling. I was inspired by Judi, Green Fairy Quilts with her pattern here. Of course hers was amazingly beautiful! And mine .....

Quilting the Irish Chain3

After removing the green marking...

Quilting the Irish Chain4

Well, not so bad I thought, LOL... I would have preferred it to be a little more puffier though.. Maybe it was my batting or maybe not.. I still need to learn more and experience more to get to know how things work.
But, I was satisfied at the first attempt and most importantly, I prove it to myself that it is possible to do it with my standard throat machine! Though I am still tempted to get one of those machine with larger throat. Hopefully by end of next year! Saving up!

In the meantime, I'll survive with Janome DC2050, and it has been wonderful sewing with it. Here is my little helper with it too!

My little helper

Well, I guess that's all for today.

Will be linking up to W.I.P Wednesday @ Freshly Pieced

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