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Vintage Modern Heart and Simplify Project Update


Week pass by so quick, and I have been stealing times bits here and there to finish up my W.I.P but it is still in progress! LOL..

I am jumping from here and there, so please pardon me. I do love to have many W.I.P at one time.. It just adds the fun to have different project at one time.  I can work on different one with different moods and times.

Well, my first W.I.P is my Vintage-Modern Heart Quilt. All the small block of hearts are already patched together and it was a bit difficult than I thought since it has quite a number of seams to match! But I had fun pinning, chain piecing and ironing them. Hopefully I could get them patched into a quilt top with some sashings soon.

heart block

My LO is having fun too while I was piecing.


My second W.I.P is the Happy-Go-Lucky quilt for my Simplify Project 2. I finished all the square in square blocks - all 80 of them. I fell in love again and again with this fabrics. I love it. Its Bold and Beautiful in Breeze by Michele D'Amore for Bernatex. They also have them in bright! which is also fun.. I might be getting them too. I love the simple Polka dots. I bought them at Missouri Star Quilt Company. They have daily deals and I love that! You could also head on over to Missouri Star Quilt Co Youtube for all their great use of pre-cuts for lots of beautiful quilts!


I have some money from tailoring a few of friend's dresses for Eid, and I went for a little shop around the web for these:

Stash Up 1

Top Right : Some of Denyse Schmidt : Flea Market Fancy
Top Left : Some of Tula Pink : Birds and The Bees
Below Right : whole collection of Pat Bravo : Indie
Below Left : oh...that's just one of the shots with that little one around.he just has to be everywhere. :)

It was my second purchase from Hawthorne Threads (Flea Market Fancy) and they were wonderful as usual..Love.. And not to mention they have like all the collection you want.. I could fill up my cart in no time but had to resist in order to stay sane! LOL.

It was my first purchase with Stash Modern Fabrics (Birds and the Bees Bundle and Indie), and had a wonderful transaction and easy communication with them too. They even have discount on Shipping! Love :)

Well, I am stealing lunch time to blog, and now I got to get back to lab. Will update on my progress of quilting my Irish Chain this week and my August Block Swap!

Till then,

Have a fun day!


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