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Wednesday W.I.P

Hi there.

I have been busy with labworks at my research school and have been busy cooking at home since it the fasting month for us Muslims - which means during eating time, I'd have to make sure I cook good nutritional food and on time. That doesn't mean I don't normally cook good food... hehe.. its just that it get more proper when you have to eat during certain time.

So I figured out of how to maximize my time sewing. I do a lot of prep and make sure it is just ready to go under that sewing machine. So this July has been mostly about making progress slowly and doing lots of prep.

Another good thing to do is to wrap up a summary of progress and finishes each month and plan for the next month. Which is exactly what I am going to do this weekend!I want to link up to Lily's Quilt for Fresh Sewing Day.

So, what have I been up to really?

1) Bowls with Borders of course.... Hop on my blog on th 17th August and see the finishes... currently I have two mini quilt done, and I hope to get on to another two bigger mini quilt soon. I have done the prep for it :

Cutting out the foundation papers
Bowl with border cutout papers for foundation paper piecing

And cutting out small pieces of fabrics to sew with.
foundation paper piecing bowls with borders

2)Slicing through Bold & Beautiful jelly rolls for my Simplify Project 2 : Happy Go lucky.

Simplify Project : Happy Go lucky

easy slicing. simplify.
Jelly roll cuts for simplify project

3) Some dresden plate - just because I love it. I was finishing off my charm pack left overs.

4) I cut out some 2.5 inch blocks. For my great granny square for flickr group which I recently joined.2.5 inch cuts for great granny block

Oh,but and shamefully to say, I have not yet sew my block together for the vintage-modern quilt! Oh my.. but that one is also W.I.P...hehe
block vintage-modern heart quilt
I will be updating my plans of things to do and a proper July wrap up with a mosaic this weekend..

PS. It's winter here in Australia and it is so hard to get bright enough photos.. I go off to work still dark, back from work already dark.. So sorry. Will try and get more photos over the weekend..

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Till then,
Have fun quilting!


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