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Winner of my Giveaway!


I picked a winner via today!

But before I tell you who is the winner,

I'll show you the finished bounded placemat I made with the bowls with borders.

Well, I can't bear to eat on it for real yet.. so, its just a plain clean bowl on it at this moment..LOL

Bowls with borders_grey and blue

Well, I have this for a giveaway on my post for the bowls with borders blog hop

After pasting all the comments in microsoft words (it gets all numbered there and it does not count the comments on reply which is good cause the replied ones are counted as 1 comment by blogspot, and I replied one of them)

So the winner is : number 22 who is :

Lisa MarieAugust 17, 2012 3:43 AM
Your bowls are so cute! Very clever to combine them with the mixer and cookies!

Congratulation. You'll get my email and hopefully you reply back soon with your address!

Well, till then. Have a great Weekend!


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