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A little drawer makeover


I think I am going overboard with this Flea Market Fancy..

I still has more leftovers of the squares I cut up from the cushion cover I made a few weeks back here. I am planning to make a table runner but it'll still be enough even after I made this!

covered with Flea Market Fancy!

It was like this before :

Can't remove this double sided - hideous look

You see - I tried and tried removing those double sided tape - it was previously a safety baby lock like these..but it doesn't even last long! What a waste..

This is why we need to lock it:

Can't remove this double sided 2

Usual scene ha? how do you coop with it? Do you find those locks work for you? I am thinking of just using these.. at least he won't be able to draw one drawer by one..

As for the time being, at least its pretty and spicing up our little dining+kitchen..

As I am writing this, my computer table looks like this:

Borrowing computer table for quilting..

I am borrowing the table to quilt my Irish Chain.. My sewing table which is just on the left to this computer table has no space to the left side which makes it hard to quilt big quilt (lap sized that is).

Well in between pinterest, flickr, facebook and blogging.. I have to Quilt! And I need to get that done by this weekend so that I can move onto other projects flying through my head! So off I go right after I finish  pinterestflickr  and cooking too..

Wish you will have a great weekend with family, sewing or blogging or whatever is fun!


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