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A lovely swap and a gift


I'd love to share with you a lovely swap I received from Maria. The swap was organized by lovely Sue. We have a secret swap partner, and I haven't nailed my project for the swap just yet. Am planning to do it this weekend.

Anyway, here is the cushion cover made for me by Maria.

I requested pink and white cushion - and look what I received.. it is just gorgeous... I love it. So sweet..

She even gave me the lovely embroidered tea towel too! O I love lavender. The scent, the lovely purple! Love them. Can't wait for the end of spring here where they start to bloom and scents are coming out. Nearby my study building they plant these lavenders, and they are just lovely!! This is our photo taken last year.

Another purplicious thing I receive yesterday for my birthday was this book!

It was from a dearest colleague of mine at school. She is sooo thoughtful. I told her I wanted to learn how to knit a few months back, and she got me this book for my birthday!
Which was perfect! For I had been procastinating to learn knitting since I don't even know what type of yarns to use.
And look.. this book has it all.. perfect for a beginner like me!

Thank you Maria and Aruni for the lovely gift! I am certainly going to enjoy this!


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