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August Recap

Hi there!

September has come, and I love September. It'll be my birthday on 9th..

Well, since last July recap, I would like to tick off some of the things I listed to do then, and add few more for the month of September...

1) Get another two "bowls with borders" mini quilt done and post for my turn of bloghop on 17th August  DONE
2) Piece my vintage-modern heart blocks (poor litle blocks of heart - i need to piece 4 together at least this August DONE

3) Sew a bag or two (I bought Emmaline bag pattern to make one bag for me to bring everyday to school) 
4) Do a block for August Swap
5) Do some Great Granny QAL blocks

Only two done?? Well, not exactly..I went away from the plan.. and missed that other things to do..So that'll have to come first in my next list.

Well, before the list for September, lets have a look at how did I go in August...

August Recap

1) Bowls With borders was Fun!! I made 4 things out of the bowls paper piecing by Regina...
2) I did some free-motion quilting on my Irish Quilt. Done 3 blocks so far..
3) I pieced all the little heart blocks into four piece in a bigger block
4) I cut & pieced the blocks for Happy Go Lucky from Simplify Project.

As for September, I hope to squeeze more time before and after school for sewing and hopefully things will get done.. Here is the list for September:

1) Sew a bag or two (I bought Emmaline bag pattern to make one bag for me to bring everyday to school) 
2) Do a block for August and September Swap
3) Do some Great Granny QAL blocks
4) Start on Giant Granny Panties
5) Start on Jack Attack
6) Keep on quilting my Irish Chain
7) Piece my Vintage-Modern Heart Quilt
8) Piece my Happy Go Lucky Quilt (well, I doubt this will get done in September, but I'll put it anyway..)

Well, that's it.. Wish me Luck in getting those done! Yikes...

Till then, Have a lovely September... It's coming Spring here in Australia.. And we are pretty thankful that the sun are playing around a bit longer!

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