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Emmaline Bag Done + Sneek Peak Baby Boy Gift


I finished my first Emmaline Bag. I say its the first as I do have plan to make more..Love it.. The instruction were clear and makes everything so smooth and easy!

Emmaline Bag Done

Lately I have not been a fan of large bag since I like to stuff things in my handbags, the bigger it is the more things I put in - which really is unnecessary.. but since this bag is done, I think I might turn my head around again for large bags.. LOL

Ooo and that knit books - I plan to start learning how to knit..and socks too.. aren't I being too ambitious.. LOL..

Emmaline Bag Done 2

I made this bag using a corduroy fabric I bought during one of the thrift trip.. It was just enough to make this bag. though it was a medium weight fabric, I sewed my Emmaline bag with fusible fleece anyway. The interior is by Michael Miller, Dumb Dot Citron. I love it. Bright and cheery..

Well, apart from that, a friend of mine just gave birth to a boy and I decided to whip up a quick modern quilt.. I am almost done with it, but today I'll be sharing a sneak peek. Will post a whole quilt photo tomorrow..

w.i.p modern baby quilt

Oh yes, and I have been playing with a cute fox ... Love this organic cotton and design from Monaluna. I got my set of Monaluna Fox Hollow bundle at fabricworm. Fabulous!

Tried a concentric circle quilting with a walking foot too. Thanks to this tutorial.

Round Bucket Bag Sneek Peak

Well, I guess that's it for today.
Have a fun weekend!!


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