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Failed Attemption : Curvy Seams


Expression of a failure in today's post. I had been working on a block last weekend yet to find a failure at the end. Not to worry, a fail is not a stop. I will certainly come back and re-attempt this for sure.

Flower Power Block cut
Well, I love challenges. And this time for a block swap, I though I'd give myself a challenge too with some curvy seams. In fact this block has all curve seams. I had fun cutting them and arranging them as they are really cute. And my partner's choice was yellow and grey so it's perfect for a blooming flower.

flower Power Block cut1

I pinned them all before sewing. A lot of pins!

Pin it curvy!

Yet still it wasn't right. I had to learn more. Ahaha. See my almost finished block, they are crooked and would not stay flat.

O fail to curve!

It's okay to fail as long as you accept it, and try again. So I will do and hopefully I will find out how to get better then.

Hah.. Till then, I'll show you what I got done for my swap partner instead on the following post.


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