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Scrap Swap hosted at Gnome Angel

Scrap Vomit by Katy @ I'm A Ginger Monkey
I'm a Ginger Monkey Scrap (Vomit) Quilt


Wishing to make a scrappy quilt? Don't have enough scraps? Head on over to Gnome Angel for she has a brilliant scrap swap!

Inspired by a quilt made by Katy (image on the left) where she blogged about it here, Angie decided to host a scrappy 2.5"square swaps!Perfect. I love swapping and because of my limited time on the sewing machine lately, I prefer to swap fabrics.. Besides, I have been evying Katy's Scrap Vomit for quite sometimes and thought I might make one myself one day...So this swap is a good start ain't it ..
So lets join the swap!