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Inspire Me Monday! Helen from HGMR Deco Quilting


Starting from today, I'll be linking to you what shall inspire me throughout the whole week. So, I shall name this slot, Inspire Me Monday. It would be a random walk through blogland and picking up what I would love to be my inspiration for the whole week of fun quilting or sewing.

Today, I decided to feature one of the amazing quilters out there whom I happen to met randomly across the blogland. I am putting her photos up for the week to inspire me to finish up my Irish Chain Quilt which I started quilting already several weeks back here.

Today, lets meet Helen Robinson.

Helen blogged over at HGMR Deco Quilting or previously at RobinStar Quilting. She has been quilting over 15 years and she does an amazing longarm quilting and beautiful patterns too.

A photo from her blog which caught my very eyes was this :

Photo of Helen's quilting wonders. Click here for more.

And this...
Photo of Helen's quilting wonders. Click here for more.

So she will be my great motivation to quilt this week and I wish I would be finish with the Irish Chain Quilt by the end of this week! 

Till then,
Have a great week!


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