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Quilting Irish Chain, Scrap Vomit 2.5" square Swap, Jack Attack


How is your week so far? Hope you are having a good week. As for me, it is quite a busy week day with very tiring head when I came home just wishing I could be stronger to touch the quilt on the sewing machine.

Well, I am hoping to finish up my Irish Chain quilt this week.. But so far, only few blocks are done.. I think I could get it done quilted by end of this week though. Weekend frenzy on it.. (In my head I do have few things to get done too by this week - need an urgent baby gift so maybe I have to squeeze in more time on my sewing machine!)

A little Progress on Irish Chain Quilt

I cut up 2.5" squares for the scrap swap hosted by Angie for Scrap Vomit quilt.

Scrap Vomit Swaps

All ready packed to go. Some left for my scrap vomit quilt. I even put those I cut for my Great Granny Squares in there since that is not progressing at all. I have not made a single block just yet. The real story behind the unprogressed Great Granny Blocks is that I miscut the charcoal kona cotton there in the ziplock bag - I thought that would become the background of my great granny blocks..but it was a bit small - it should be a rectangle not a square. So, now it will become the main part of my scrap vomit.

Scrap Vomit Swaps ready

Lastly, I managed to piece up my first 4 blocks for first flag of Jack Attack..

Jack Attack Progress

After going bits of mis-cut and mis-pieced. (now I totally learn it. Read instruction trice, measure twice and cut). Thanks to Lynne and her great instruction I was able to do it at last and unravel my confusion here..LOL

Well, I am linking up to W.I.P wednesday over at Freshly Pieced and Jack Attack Blogpost over at Lily's Quilt

Lilys Quilts

See you again !


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