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My sewing machine is in service


Not such a good news for me.. Despite of my eagerness to get my Irish Chain quilted and bounded before my travel has to be put aside..

My machine is acting up again.. Even after good clean and all. Lint is everywhere..I guess it needs a bit more than just minor service at home.. So I sent it to the shop..and I guess I won't be getting it soon yet. Probably I get to pick it up when I come back from my holiday - which will be in November..

Actually this is the second time this year that this machine is acting up .. I think I need a more durable machine for my sewing madness...hopefully I will get enough money soon to invest in a better machine...

Anyway, in the mean time, I guess I have to get my hand skill moving. Will be starting on some hand sewing and probably try EPP or Embroidery.. We'll see hows that will be progressing soon..

and definitely have a good holiday ( I'll be in my hometown in Malaysia from 11th Oct to 5th November)

I have sewing machine back at my Mum house in Malaysia..I missed it so much so I might pop in with some simple project anyway or at least take you to a tour at my old sewing room..

Well till then, I hope you had a great week! and a great weekend ahead!