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W.I.P Wednesday


I am happy to find this free quilt is coming along so well in between projects. I say free as it does not require time for its own and it's made of scraps which some are from swap I join not long ago. I only sew them in between project to save threads. (See here for more info.)

They are looking fun! I am going to love this quilt for sure.

Scrap Vomit Progress...

Scrap Vomit in Progress

I even sew them in between my bag project! ~lalala... I love it!

I am also working on a tutorial of the drawstring bag to share. Will be posting it this weekend. It still needs editing.

And I am addicted to making this bag. So I'll be making more.. with these fabrics!

A little Sweetness in Progress

Well, till then, I hope you have a great time with your W.I.P..I know I am.  ~Linking up with W.I.P Wednesday over at Freshly Piece~


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