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Jack Attack quilt done!


Finally, I made it to the end.. Though Lynne has finished her QAL way back in September, I am glad I made it to the final. Trace back the W.I.P post of this quilt here.

jack attack quilt 2012

backing of jack attack quilt

I guess I should stock up more backing fabrics. That was the main reason for it taking a bit of a little more time. I finally decided that I would make the backing with whatever I have - patch it up - besides, I have learnt so much from Elizabeth on her free Craftsy lesson here on piecing quilt backing, I thought I should give it a try.

scrappy-patchy backing for Jack Attack quilt

Well.. the only problem was, I don't have a big design wall.. so I work my way through the carpet floor of my living room (which I can only do at night when my little one is already asleep) . The size of the quilt was the maximum that my apartment floor could manage. : p

jack attack - one flag

Finish quilting it

I quilt it simple - echoing double line of the flags. The biggest struggle was turning the quilt around at each point. The wrestle with the quilt was a great exercise. LOL

Quilting the jack attack

Finally after several evening, I was done quilting it... (below is the image of my basting pins removed from the quilt)

whats left after quilting

It was time to bind it. I used DS fabrics for Spotlight / Joann. It is then I realised, I only have one ruler. And its short.. I think its time to get one long one...

the only ruler I own

I bind using the tutorial by Rita here. I love this method.


Well, Lets record the quilt stats here;

Design : Jack Attack by Lynne @ Lily's Quilt
Size: ~ 64" x 90"
Top fabrics: Amy Butler's, Joel Dewberry's, White solid (no brand)
Backing fabrics : Some of the top scraps, Oval elements by AGF, Pure elements by AGF, polka dots and white sheets.
Binding Fabrics : Denyse Schmidt for Spotlight

Jack attack laid flat

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Have a great Weekend and a great holiday!!!


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