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Planning templates - Free Downloads


Today I want to share with you some of the great planning templates you could use to organize your life and sewing!

Organize Myself

I used the free templates here for cleaning routine, this one for daily tasks and goals, and this one for weekly menu.

As for the sewing one above, I made that myself. And YES, I am sharing it too. Click here to download the PDF file. Should you have any trouble downloading this one, please report to me. Thanks.

For more, Shayla from DesignFinch has listed a lot more with links here.

I have always love planning - and swear by it that it saves time and made me more productive..However, I sometimes fail to do so every now and then, SO, this year I want to really try to stick to them all year round and thereafter!

It might be a good idea to get yourself one of this too! This is a home laminator. for those in Australia, you can buy this one here. It's only $16! A bargain for stationery freak like me. LOL.

Home laminator

Once the planning templates are printed, you can laminate them and use dry wipe off white board markers or Frixion markers. That way you can re-use it over and over again.

I hope you have fun making plans for next year! I am looking forward to share my plans soon and would love to see what others are planning too!

Till then, Have a great time celebrating New Year!

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