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Quilting Gallery Bloghop Giveaway Winner


Just a short note, I picked the winner for the giveaway as a part of the bloghop by Quilting Gallery.

As usual, bloghop like these, never fails to introduce us to a lot of wonderful people out there, and a lot more blogs to follow..I had fun hopping around, though i must say I did not have much time as I was busy with conference in Melbourne and touring around this weekend.

We had an amazing time traveling from Canberra to Melbourne by car - 9 hours of travels a few stops and rest. One of the stop was Albury - I love their beautiful was train station / info centre.. We even had a long rest at their botanical garden which was gorgeous!

Anyway, the winner was picked by Random.Org :
Who is : Huesei - who left the 112th comment:

hueisei December 10, 2012 5:12 PM
I am a follower

Thank you to all the participants and all of the bright thoughts and comments. Thank you for all the new followers, and I hope that you have fun hopping over my blog from time to time. 

Have a wonderful week!