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So Fine Threads by Superior Threads


Today, I will be sharing a little experience using one of the Superior Threads. I bought mine here on Sale for a very great value. 

Firstly, this threads is not cotton. It's Polyester. I know some may have an issue about piecing and quilting cotton quilt with polyester, but I have very little experience and have never used a quilt longer than a year yet. LOL. So, I'll give it a try anyway. Besides, this threads is meant for quilting. So I think it should be fine in the long run too.

The threads comes in two sizes : the 550 yds and 3280yds spools. I bought the latter one as I figure it is more cost effective and I hate it when threads finishes up so quickly. the only problem I had with this big one is that I don't have the suitable thread holder. My machine is meant to be used with the smaller spool. 
(You can buy the thread holder pictured on the right here though)

Since my budget is a bit off already due to some splurge of fabrics on sale (ehem), I did a little detour for the threads before it goes to its normal threading route.

Reroute the threads

And it works great! Except that I do have to make sure that it is in the right position every now and then. I do think it is still worth buying the thread holder, but for the time being. I am happy.

Winding is important
Now, everytime we use a new threads, we also have to make sure that it winds on the bobbin with the right tension. The tension on the bobbin is as important as the threading tension. I broke one of my bobbin while adjusting the tension! yikes. After several try and error, i got it fine.

I love how fine the threads is and was quite impressed with how much threads you can wind in the bobbin. I find that I need to change bobbin less often. The threads also doesn't break as much as Gutterman Cotton that I previously used - I guess that's due to the material itself. But overall, I like to piece and quilt with it. I am not sure about lint : but I do find lots of lint around the machine (inside bobbin case etc) lately, it could be due to the threads. I'll try Aurifil soon and compare them!

Till then, I hope you had a great holiday and welcoming the new year with lots of fun things!


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