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Travelling Pic Stitch Bloghop - my EPP project


Thankfully Laura extended the linky party till 5th December, otherwise, I would have probably ended up with something not yet fully done..

So, it all begins with a photo :

A photo taken at one of the famous spring carnival in Australia, Floriade.
Then, a few pulls from my stash.. Tula Pink - Birds and the Bees lines were among them. I didn't use them all in the end though..

travelling picstitch fabric choice

Picking up a pattern to do. I picked mine from the free patterns available at

penrose diamond pattern

Basting it to the tiny paper pieces..

EPP TPS bloghop1

The middle part of my block is done. Not pretty happy with it, but I embrace the imperfection and move on to finish it off as planned anyway. I still have a lot to learn on how to really hide those whip stitch from being visible too much at the front.

block begins 1

Block begins

I tried using thimble as my fingertips were getting sore. But I think I am not used to it yet. It makes things go slower and a bit weird - I ended up pushing  the needles with the finger with no thimble on. LOL.


By the end of this block, I did finally learned how to minimize the visible stitch.. maybe next time I'll have a go again and leave a better tips to share.. as for now, I do think that I still need to practice more.. it is kind of addictive once you have a clear objective for the pieces...Sometimes I didn't even realize the time when I start stitching - but I'd better be careful next time as it may cause injury for being too long in the smae position..LOL.

Finally done

Finally done2

Anyway, this block is going to be appliquĂ©d to a hand-quilted mini quilt soon. I have been meaning to try hand quilting too. Wish me luck.

but before that, how about a messy back photo of it...

messy back

Time to remove those papers...

Here is another photo at Floriade from the top of the ferris wheel

Flower arrangement as hats - Floriade 2012, Canberra

Thank you for your visit here. Thank you Laura from Quokka Quilts for organizing this bloghop. Sure was a fun one. A great motivation to definitely start EPP too. Now hop on to Laura's blog to see more fantastic EPPs with fun travelling Pic!


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