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About A Quilt Sampler Post #1 : Schedule + Fabric Requirements


To tell you the truth, I am trying very hard to focus to get this post done. It's really hot today and tonight.
This afternoon our house temperature reaches 37 degrees C! We went out to find portable air-conditioner but none was left. Must be a really popular items these days..

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The schedule planned for this About A Quilt Sampler QAL will be as below :

5th January       ::      Fabric Requirements

15th January     ::      Lets Link Up Fabric Choices + QAYG Inroduction

5th February     ::      First Block Tutorial

15th February   ::      First Block Quilting Tutorial

..... each 5th of the month we will be doing  block and and on the 15th we will be quilting it.

(Of course, you can take your own time to do so. This are just schedule for myself and the tutorial to come out on my blog; add the button and click on it and you'll be directed to all the post for this QAL)

5th October      ::      Attaching the blocks together with QAYG technique

15th October    ::      Binding the Quilt  & Done!

I'll free up November and December as we all get busy towards the holiday season and I know you all have a lot of homemade gifts to make.



Today I'll give you the fabric requirements for About A Quilt Sampler QAL. The blocks are going to be 12" in size and the sashing in between are about 3" wide. So the finished quilt will be about 48" x 48" square.

I have decided to make mine with Salt Water Fat Quarter Bundle. So it'll look like below if it goes to plan. I might change few fabrics around later though.

Now, I am going to use a lot of white solid on mine. If you prefer to use other solids for the blocks, please do so. I do recommend to use solid wherever I use solid fabrics as this will be the part where we want to do detail quilting on it and it is best seen on solid than printed fabrics.

VERSION #1: (Same as mine)
Here is the fabric requirements if you wish to use the same white solids for the blocks and the sashings and various printed fabrics for the blocks:

(Yardage are based on 40-44" wide fabric)
3-4 yds of White Solid for blocks and sashings
16-20 Printed Fat Quarters (You'll need to repeat using the same patterned fabrics for different block if you use 16 fat quarters)

If you decide to use different coloured solids for different blocks, you'll need this fabric requirement :

2 Yards of Solid Colour (or if various 6-9 Solid Colour Fat Quarters) for blocks
3 Yards of Solid Colour for sashings
16-20 Printed Fat Quarters (You'll need to repeat using the same patterned fabrics for different block if you use 16 fat quarters)

Of course, then again you can always just use scraps in the same tone or whatever. I know you all are creative! Besides, this will be about a year long QAL, so you might not need to prepare the fabrics now. But it'll be fun to set a theme for your quilt.

Well, please do ask question if you have any. This is my first QAL and I have TONS to learn. I might have missed a few things or lots.. LOL..

Go..pick your fabrics or order now. Show them in the next post of this QAL!

Thanks for stopping by. I do love to hear from you if you plan to join in!


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