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Come and join Littlemushroomcap on Bloglovin'


I guess you guys must have heard already. GFC is going to be gone soon. So, I joined bloglovin' for keeping me updated with all my favourite blog rolls. How about you?

I found that I much like this bloglovin' and regretted that I haven't found it any sooner.

If you still want to follow my littlemushroomcap blog, (I do wish you will : p) come and follow littlemushroomcap with bloglovin'!

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You can easily transfer all the blogs you follow to bloglovin' too. I am sure lovin' it.

I have more to update, but will need to edit some photos first. In the mean is a sneek peak.

 Solid work for my bee group Simply Solid block.

Quilting block 2 for Quilt A sampler QAL

And tried baking banana muffin with Nutella swirl with this recipe.

 I'll upload soon with more photos and the QAL quilting post.