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About A Quilt Sampler QAL #8 : Quilting Block 3


We are already on our third block for About A Quilt Sampler QAL.


Today I am sharing how I quilted mine.

Block 3 Quilted

Block 3 Quilted _a

Block 3 Quilted_b

I planned the flow of the free motion roughly on paper. The allover echoed leaves filled the plain triangles and a simple fan filling the four patches. As for the centre four patch, I decided to fill the plain patches with back and forth free motion lines. 

Block 3_quilt test

Again, same with other blocks, I travel from one point to another through the ditch and through the outside of the block. You can see this squiggly travel lines outside the block from the back view. It's okay, these lines will later be covered when we piece the sashings at the end.

Block 3 Quilted_back

I hope you have fun quilting this block! Feel free to share on flickr too. Till then, see you on the construction of the fourth block!


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