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Covert Robin 2013


Sharing with you today, the gift sent and received for the Covert Robin hosted by Rachael at Imagine Gnats.

BTW I love the logo!

the covert robin button

I sent over a table runner in spring colours. Bouquet of pink flowers and bright green with a touch of swirly quilting. I sent mine to Erin.

Covert Robin Sent wrapped
Covert Robin Sent Covert Robin Sent top view

I received from Buffie this lovely placemat and hotpad. So lovely in autumn Colours too. It has been a wonderful autumn so far here in Canberra, and I am loving this placemat so much! Thank you Buffie.

Covert Robin Received
Covert Robin received top view

Thank you for all the host too for handling such a wonderful swap!


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