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Scrappy Trip Along Quilt Top & Zakka 2.0 Sew Along


Probably I am a bit on the slow train here with my scrappy trip along quilt, but guess what, the HUGE queen size quilt top is finally done! Tottaly scrappy and even some yucky fabrics in there, but I love the messy look of it.

Scrappy Trip Along1

I have found the perfect vintage bed-sheet as the backing and will be off to batting the quilt this weekend.

I must say, the time where I procrastinate most on this quilt was ironing each block, which were many blocks. 56 blocks all of them. Huh. But I manage.

The quilt top itself is heavy. I could feel it dragging of my sewing machine as I piece the few last seams together. Photo shoot was even harder, I don't really know how to snap a good photo of such gigantic quilt in a small yard or my cute little house.

Scrappy Trip Along2

But I think it was all worth it. Can't wait to snuggle under this this winter, so I better get myself to quilt it soon! Yes, I am challenging myself to quilt a queen size quilt under my domestic machine. Yikes.. But I am particularly sure, I will be doing an allover quilting - i find it easier than lines. Will see how that goes!

Someone is playing hide and seek while I snap this photo.

Scrappy Trip Along3

Can you spot him?

By the way, I am totally joining in Zakka 2.0 with Debbie and Lindsey and so many others!
Can't wait. I love Ayumi's designs and I am pretty sure I will love her book and making every single project from that.

Zakka 2.0 Sew Along

Come and join in too..It'll be fun.

Till then,


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