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Blocks sent mishap


This May, I started my blocks a bit early as I have been late for April and thought I'll post them on time.
I did post two of them, one for simply solid bee, one for QBSA, only to realise right after I posted them that I think I didn't get to seal the envelope!

One of them is for sure lost in the mail as the receiver has already received an empty envelope. yeah..sad.
So I quickly whip up another one and make sure I seal the envelope!

Solid Bee May Redo otm 

This was for simply solid bee and below is the one  lost somewhere between the mailbox and the receiver.

Fallow Simply Solid Bee MaY 

And this is the new one I posted this morning.

Solid Bee May Redo 

 I had fun cutting theses 2" squares..They are bright and they make me happy

Fallow Simply Solid Bee

This one is still on air for my QBSA partner. I am hoping I did seal this one! Otherwise, I'll make another one.. :(

block Lone Star QBSA May 

I feel frustrated not because I need to make another block, but because I am just sad for the lonely block. Lost. Hopefully at least I still hope a quilter will find it. Who knows, there'll be one quilter working around post offices right?

I am also done with Aurifil DOM for April and May

2013 Aurifil DOM buttonfull

Aurifil DOM April and May

Need to squeeze time for Lucky Star Blocks of April and May soon. Till then,


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