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Blogger's Quilt Festival : I Heart Quilt

Spring Blogger's Quilt Festival -


My first time to join the blogger's quilt festival this year! Yeay me. 

You have seen this quilt if you have visited my blog before. and currently is on my header as well.

I named it "I Heart Quilt" and I entered the quilt in Throw Quilt category.

VM-I Heart Quilt - Walking Quilt Look2

This is my favourite quilt so far. Its mine to cuddle under too.

Story of the quilt:

Once upon late last year, a bundle of Vintage Modern fat eight bundle was cut and a complete quilt was born early this year- making it the quilt of 2013.

As a new quilter, it is only safe for littlemushroomcap to play around with bundles of fabrics that were already matched by awesomely talented designers like Camille and Bonnie. 

It all started with a small heart block. 

Then it grew into a  four patch heart block in the same tones of colour. 

The whole design of this quilt was on the go planning. The sashings, and the little red corner stones all was added while planning on the design board.

Once the top finished, it looks as if it needs a bit more border, so a white on white border was sewn to it.

After the border was sewn in, it still look a bit plain, so littlemushroomcap decided to add pretty scallops! So, through the net, littlemushroomcap search on how to do scallop and lastly she decided to use folded paper to trace over for the scallop.

Lastly but not least, the quilt needs a binding to finish it up. 
Through the little stash she stumble upon the polka dot in red fabrics which was just enough for the bias binding of this quilt. What a lucky chance.

Binding Scallop2

and now, the quilt was done, cuddled and loved and they live happily ever after..

The end. LOL.

Anyway, I love, love. love this quilt. It will leave a lot of memory for me as a beginning of my love to quilting.  
And I will keep this quilt with its name. I Heart Quilt because I do. I do love quilts.....and probably a bit addicted to them too!

vintage modern I heart Quilt - pose 1

Quilt Stats :

Size : 60"x 60" 
Quilt top Fabrics : Vintage Modern by Bonnie and Camille, scraps of white on white
Backing Fabrics: Infinity Designed for Spotlight 
Binding Fabric : Dumb Dots by Michael Miller in Red
Batting : Bamboo Batting
Finished on 5th January 2013

Thanks for visiting. Have fun browsing lots, and lots of inspiring quilts here for the blogger's quilt festival!


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