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Make It Right Challenge Sneak Peek


Have you heard the about challenge?
If you haven't, visit here and here to learn more about it.

I love AGF fabrics. They stands for their tagline "Feel the difference". And I do feel it.

The first time I bought AGF fabrics were the Pure Elements Bundle. The solids have no selvedge but I keep petting it and I love the silky feel of it. The next bundle I bought was Indie. Then I saw the tagline on the selvedge and I said to myself, " I know, I feel it". LOL

The silky feel of AGF fabrics is suitable for making garments and I was surprise how it is also so suitable for quilting too. However, I do find Pure Elements do get crinkly fast and they need a bit of spray during ironing to remove those creases. Once quilted, it's fine. Besides, the crinkles are what you want in quilt don't you?

Anyway, I have decided to enter this challenge. Firstly I love challenges as it pushes me out of my boundary and it lets me find and improve my skills. Secondly, I love Angela Walters. I love her  modern quilting. This panel was meant for quilting and I am definitely having fun with it!

I have a little sneak peek of what I am making for the challenge.

Fabrics I am using :-

From Pure Elements:

Cozumel Blue

Dark Citron

Mirage Blue



And of course the Right Angle Panel


After all panels for my project were cut out, I still have some small leftovers. Keeping to the rules of the challenge, I am using all of the small scraps on the left in improv piecing for the backing with Pure Elements as the background. I am throwing the right side scraps. I guess that is about 1-5% of the whole fabric.

Scraps to fill in and to throw out

More improv piecing Improv piecing with small scraps

I had so much fun thinking my way through this! I got really excited throughout planning and sewing these. So geeky aren't I? LOL

All panels ready to be quilted :

All panels ready to quilt_peak

Threads I am using:

 50Wt Cotton Mako Aurifil  in 2021, 2605,5015, 5005 and 2600

If you want to stock up on Aurifil threads, there's a great deal now at Fat Quarter Shop as their Notion Of the Month.

The start of the Free Motion Madness


Can you guess what I am making? Take a guess..

Of course, my guide book to quilting has to be beside me while I am planning all this.

  Free Motion Guide Book

I am getting this done by this week hopefully and have the photos sent to AGF. I am unsure whether we are allowed to do a blogpost prior to June 6th, but I'll be doing a full blogpost on the finished project for sure later to that.

Well, I hope you will join in voting on the 7th June! Vote for me if you like my project!
Till then,

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