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About A Quilt Sampler QAL #12 : Quilting Block 5


Today I am going to share you how I quilted my block 5 for our About A Quilt Sampler QAL. If you want to join in and new here, you can find more on this QAL by clicking here.

Before we go onto my quilting, I would like to just share you a few tips I learn as I go through this free motion quilting adventures;

1) Don't be afraid of making lines that are not so perfectly straight, and don't worry about it too much - just move on. (as we are still learning,  it has to start somewhere right, so don't be too hard on yourself)

2) Make use of simple stippling or any simple technique that you are used to in a different way ( I am going to show you one way today)

3) Enjoy free motion, and don't stress out. Find your liking and try and venture out from there. I personally like to try a lot of different designs, and I mostly change without a real plan, I love thinking as I go and just go for it!

So this week, why don't you challenge yourself using just a simple technique such as stippling or scribbling and enhance out some features which you can draw first prior to quilting.

I drew out shells, seahorse, ropes and a starfish. I picked this out just from the fabric I used. You can also do that, pick something from the fabric and try to implement it in your quilting.

After you draw the features with erasable pen, you can start by free motion the outline of the drawings and start stippling or scribbling around it, creating a dense quilting and this shall pop the features.

However, in stippling case, you have to make sure that the stipple are small and packed in order to ensure that the features really pop out.

I used scribble for the pinwheel and stipple for the outer triangles. Scribble is more dense and more forgiving as you can just cross lines and does not really have a rule!

Once you are done with the block, trim it close to the block size. In this case, 12.5" block.

I hope you to see yours if you make one! Share it here in flickr!

Till then,

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