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Craftsy, Thank You! + More adventure to jump into!


I have been spending late nights watching Videos on Craftsy.
And I can't thank you enough to Craftsy for sharing the Quilt Con Lecture series 2013 for free! I feel like I was there!!

If you haven't joined craftsy, go on and try it! There is so much to learn and a lot of class choices these days. I just have to keep resisting myself so that I don't go broke..LOL.

QuiltCon Lecture Series 2013 by Modern Quilt Guild

Anyway, watching Quilt Con Lecture series made me feel so much closer to my idols and bloggers who have very much inspired me in this quilting world. I love love listening to the lecture series. I learned a lot from each of the lectures and feel overwhelmed with inspiration!

They are so many wonderful people out there and I appreciate every small bits they share.

As a conclusion from all what I learn, I feel like I know my goals now and that is - Have fun and never define or limit myself to what I should only do. As long as I am having fun, it would be great! I am not a quilter but a maker (Jacquie's saying). Just do whatever I am comfortable with (Angela Walters saying), and I was pretty much inpired by David and Amy Butler too on their adventures of travelling and how simple camera and setting could capture such wonderful photos..

So, my latest adventure would be something related to needleturn applique! I am just jumping into this. I have always admired Baltimore quilts and other beautiful hand appliqued quilt. I just think that I don't have the patience enough to deal with them.

But.. I was sooo inspired when this book reached me. I love Sarah's method of making quilt which most of them just grow as she goes. I think I like that.. Seem so me.

Sarah Fielke Hand Quilted with Love

And after seeing one of Canberra's Modern Quilt Guild member, Danielle version of Millefiori quilt, I know I have to try it! You can see Danielle's gorgeous version here.

Sarah Fielke -Millefiori Quilt_ Hand Quilted with love
Together along with the book, I bought myself a class on Craftsy with Sarah Fielke, Big techniques from small scraps. It was definitely worth it as I learned more and I just love listening to the teacher. Videos makes me feel so much closer to them!

Big Techniques from Small Scraps by Sarah Fielke

So, wait for my version hopefully soon!

Till then,

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