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Father in Law in ICU

Not a post on any sewing related,
In fact not even  a happy post, but I feel that I need to share and in case you are wondering why haven't I replied your comments or email.

We went to Sydney to pick up my sister who came to visit me for two month last Tuesday. Everything was fine till later that day we received a call from my mum regarding a bad news. My father in law got involved in an accident. He is now in coma and still going through operation. He is still in critical condition.

My husband has flewn home to Malaysia yesterday, while me, my sister and my little one are waiting far here. I wish I could fly back too, but I am unsure that would be a stable move either. My heart are with them, and it was very right for my husband to be there first to support the rest of his family especially his mother.
We are praying for the best and hoping he will recover soon.