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Zakka 2.0 Week 3 : Tea Cosy and Tea Pouch

Hi there!

I am glad I was able to squeeze time to make these lovely cuties!

Patchwork Please_Tea Cosy_Paper Piecing Text

Can't tell you how much fun I had so far joining in Zakka 2.0 - I love this book (Patchwork Please by Ayumi Takahashi) though I do feel that it is a bit hard to read instruction. I read many many times before I could imagine it. I am just so used to photo or diagrams instruction!

But working hard reading instruction really paid off! Huhu.

Here are more photos of my version of Lettered Tea Cosy! With my favourite tea, Earl Grey. What's your favourite tea?

Patchwork Please_ Tea Pouch
I love that cute button I bought here. Isn't she just cute! Strapped down to the tea pouch!

Patchwork Please_Tea Cosy_Paper Piecing Text_Letter Theme

Patchwork Please_Tea Cosy_Paper Piecing Text_flat
I used a letter theme for the main piece, as I could imagine drinking tea while reading lovely letters! As if there are any letters I could ever received these days, all are bills normally! LOL

Patchwork Please_Tea Cosy_Paper Piecing Text_Earl Grey
I was so excited when I saw the word Earl Grey on one of the fabric I have in my stash!

Patchwork Please_Tea Cosy_inside

I enjoyed making these, and will keep using them! and I have to say, my kitchen is slowly filled with many handmade as I go through Zakka 2.0!

Patchwork Please_Tea Cosy_Paper Piecing Text_littlemushroomcap

Paper Piecing does produce lots of mess as you go, cutting away those extra pieces, I now make sure I have a bin close to me so that I don't make a big mess like I use to!

And, since another of my table is being folded down (because my sister is coming to visit - and need to make space) I use scissors to cut away those excess as it requires less space than a cutting mat and a rotary cutter! found it to be quite convenient!

Using scissor to cut away excess in paper foundation and scrap basket keep clean

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Well, till then

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