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Zakka 2.0 Week 3 & Week 4 : (Apron + Placemat) - Gardening edition


Today I am posting for both week 3 and 4 of our Zakka 2.0 SAL as I had missed last week.

Before going to that, I would like to thank all who wished and prayed for my father in law and my family. Just to update, he is yet still in coma, however has gone through few brain operation and are showing positive signs. We are still hoping for the best and focusing on the positives!

I have been slow in everything I do these days, but I am picking up and feeling positive at most time. So, thank you for all your supports especially those who left comments and dropping emails. You have made me feel a bit more strong and feeling positive.


Well, lets start talking Zakka 2.0;

Here is my week 3 + 4 : My gardening Apron with Knee protector placemat !

Knee Garden Mat_Placemat_PatchworkPlease_with apron_closeup
Photo was captured indoors as it is cold outside! and dark! winter season...

I chose Tasha Noel's + Aneela Hooey's for the pocket patchwork panels. O boy they were fun! So cute and  perfect for my gardening apron.

block 1_patchworkplease_apron
block 2_patchworkplease_apron

block 3_patchworkplease_apron
fussy cutting using clear hard vinyl template

Now I know one thing for sure : fussy cutting and on point block is challenging!


My favourite pocket panel is the middle one!

patchwork please apron

For the placemat, I use scraps I bought from FabricFanatics. (I'll be having a giveaway from FabricFanatics soon - please stop by here again soon)

Fabric scraps from Fabric Fanatics

The scrap bundles FabricFanatics offers normally has a lot features to do fussy cuts and I even found one with gardening theme!

Knee Garden Mat_Placemat_PatchworkPlease_fussy cut
Fussy cut watering can

I planned to use it as a knee protector while kneeling during gardening, so I backed the placemat with a vinyl as the fourth layer to protect itself from being too dirty. I like this idea, maybe I might use it for placemats too as it is easier to clean - just wipe!

Knee Garden Mat_Placemat_PatchworkPlease_vinyl backing
Vinyl backing for easy cleaning

I handsew the binding on the front side as it is easier to sew on fabric than vinyl! 

Knee Garden Mat_Placemat_PatchworkPlease

Overall, I find this simple patchwork quite challenging as a lot of the seams were on bias this time and paper piecing using this method is quite difficult for me as some of the seams were not included on the paper foundation.

Knee Garden Mat_Placemat_PatchworkPlease_with apron
my sister as a half body model and my celery planted from bottom end of a used celery!

Linking up to Lindsey over at LRstitched. Hope on over to see more diamond patched placemats! Also linking up to Kristy's Paper piecing Party. Hop on to see rapunzel being paper pieced!

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