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About A Quilt Sampler QAL #16 : Quilting Block 7

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This time, I tried quilting on grid marking. I marked mine 1/4" apart, but I think it is a bit too small. You can try 1/2" apart instead. Mark grids using washable pen in areas that you would like to try some grid quilting.

First quilt the middle square as you prefer. I highlighted the octopus and did a simple swirly around it.

Then I quilt a bead shape trail along vertical lines of the grids till it fills up the whole area then turn and do the horizontal lines with the same bead shape trail.

As you can see, from one area to another area of the grid quilting, I also fill up other areas with radiates and curves pattern. I do this in order to travel from one place to another without having to cut off the threads and starting again. Though if you feel like filling up all the grid area you can too, just stop and do a couple of static end stitches to ensure no stitches will come off later. Then you can start again at another corner of the grid quilting area.

Here is how my block looked liked in the end. Trim to 12.5" block

Here is the back.

Here is a close up of the grid quilting.

Have a go at grid quilting and some radiates! As always, don't forget to add your version to littlemushroomcap flickr group!

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