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Scrappy Trip Along Quilt Done!


At last my Queen Size Scrappy Trip along Quilt is done!

I started this quilt because I got the Scrappy Trip Along bug when I keep envying all the quilts that keeps popping out of the blogland. You can even visit the Flickr group for all Scrappy Trip along goodness.

I posted a bit of the making of this quilt here and here.

And if you interested in making one, here is the tutorial. The making of each block is really fast but I hate pressing so I took a long time doing that.

This is my first time making a queen size quilt and my first time to quilt this large quilt on my domestic machine so I learn a few tips as I go along and hopefully I'll be able to share the tips soon!


Anyway, today was a beautiful day in Canberra. The sun finally came out to play today after a week of cloudy cold days.

So, I took the advantage of today's weather by taking photos of this quilt over at the riverside.

It is still windy and to pick up this large quilt is quite challenging. Here is me and my sis trying to hold up the quilt while making sure my hubby take a good photo of it.

scrappy trip along _ hold on to the quilt

The best we could get is this... so much for the efforts. Hehe.

ScrappyTrip Along Quilt

I hope that gives you the idea of the whole quilt.

Here is the photo of the quilt laid on the ground

ScrappyTrip Along Quilt_laid on the ground 

The backing of this quilt is vintage sheet with a stripe of orange solid with one scrappy diamond block.

ScrappyTrip Along Quilt_bvacking 

The binding is my favourite of all. It looks like liquorice. I love stripy binding!

ScrappyTrip Along Quilt_binding

ScrappyTrip Along Quilt_stripey binding 

What a lovely weekend. I hope you are enjoying yours too!


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