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Studio Spotlight


I am joining over Ellison Lane for the studio spotlight linky party..

So if you are here from there, I very much welcome you to my little sewing space!

If you have visited here and have visited my about page, you have probably seen a part of it. However, the table often moves around and I rearrange constantly too to maximize the room. So here is how it recently looked like:

Sewing Studio_From the door view

Sewing Studio_From the closet view

Sewing Studio_From the other corner

I store my fabric scraps by colour and they are placed in these container on the table. This way I am more prone to use scraps before digging in to my fabric stash. And it is so much easier to place away scraps after a certain project.

Scrap storage

I don't store my uncut fabrics outside, because I have done that, and with my little one being around , things can get messy. He loves - loves - "tidying" back my fabric stash! Last time I arrange a shelf neatly with fabrics by colours and size and the next thing I know ..  I am back home from school with a lot of fabrics on the floor! And since this is a rented house, I can't have any hung shelves either... so I am thankful I have a built in robe in this room! So here is my stash..and mess... and pretty much everything else that we rarely use.

In the closet_fabric storage

Fabric Stash

I love these drawers as they fit my stash perfectly. But I am thinking soon I need to have another space for more fabrics??? haha.. or maybe I should just keep this much fabrics only. I am in need to keep sewing and to keep myself away from shopping more fabrics.

Drawer_ more fat quarters

In the closet_fabric storage_drawer 2

Drawer 2 _ Fabric stash_ fabric storage

Jelly Rolls and Other FQs

On the shelves, I have solids and more than a yard fabrics.

More than a yard

I also have a bit of vintage sheet collection. I love to thrift around for these, and am working on a project with some of them.

Vintage sheet and pillowcases

Well, I guess that's it. Hope you enjoyed the tour around my sewing room!

Stay around and visit me often, I'd love that.


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