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The Quilt Photograpy Workshop _ Taking Photos of Fabrics


I am joining over Plum and June's link up for The Quilt Photography Workshop. There are great link ups there and I have picked up few tips from inspiring bloggers out there. You should check it out!

Plum and June

I am still new with the Manual setting on my DSLR Canon 550D camera and to tell you the truth, the most lacking thing I have now is time!

I don't really have much time to be figuring out much about the correct photography. All I know is, try and take a picture with natural lights, a bit of balancing for the aperture, ISO and the speed shutter. Take as many photos as I have time for, then edit the rest before posting to my blog. 

I didn't have much time to take these photos too, but I did challenge myself to use a white background. And I did try changing the aperture and speed shutter with few of these images. There is always something to learn even if you have little times right?

1/20, f/7.1, ISO 3200

I usually stick to high ISO despite of grainy looks because I need all the lighting I could capture. So indoor photo like this with the largest aperture still require me to use at least ISO of 1600 otherwise probably need to use tripod for slower speed shutter which I don't normally have time to set up for. Erks time again! But definitely will try lower ISO because I really notice how grainy my photos look now!

1/250, f/2.5, ISO 1600
 I pick up few tips as I go browsing the net sometimes and try and use it when I am photographing. So this linky party is definitely one place I love to browse through!

Other links I have found simple to understand and useful :
Angle, Styling Photo
Triangle of balance, ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture

These are edited to be brighter but I am kind of not falling in love with them..but they give better white background..still so much to learn..

Here is one behind the scene photo:

I have never tried white background before because I don't have the right props for that. So I decided to go with what I already have at home for this session. A white faux leather which has a bit of crease (can't seem to iron it out) and my sewing machine case for reflector. ....And this is as much lighting as I could get in winter season and a small window.

As for now, I only edit my photos using Photoscape because it is fast and easy to use. I have little time (again) to study Adobe Photoshop though I would definitely love to. 

If you are a beginner in editing photography, I definitely suggest you to try Photoscape. It is a free software which you could download and install.

This is what I usually do : Crop, brighten and deepen but the finish may not be as I want.

Above : before ; Below: After editing
When I have time, I play with editing a bit more... 
Above : before ; Below: After editing

Above : before ; Below: After editing

Sometimes I feel editing is not enough -  it usually distort the colour a bit or often it gets over-brighten because I feel like it only looks best when it is bright enough. Thus, it is really important for me to learn to take better photograph as I go along. And if you notice, I love saturated colours and feels like that represent me more though I am in love with bright, cool photos! Will try someday to take those kind of photos.

Before I end this blogpost, here is to learning as we go! I love this linky party because it made me learn more myself and also by browsing others.

Original photo from here.


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