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About A Quilt Sampler QAL #17 & #18 : Piecing and Quilting Block 8

Yes I am very late to post on this one (soo sorry for those waiting) but better late then never I believe, so here comes September block - to piece and to quilt it.

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So here is how the final block look like:

 So, the cutting direction is as follows

Cut 2 pieces of 7 1/4 " x 3.5" rectangles from each of the four printed fabrics. Fold in the middle and cut diagonal corner as in the photo below.

For the solids, cut 8 pieces of 3.5" square and fold center diagonally and cut through the diagonal fold.

You can chain piece all the solid to each corner of the middle printed triangles with a very scant 1/4" seams and press them open

Do both corners and you will end up with 8 flying geese sets.

Arrange them to your liking and piece two flying geese together and you will end up with four squares with two geese in each one.

Sew the 4 patch together and you are ready to quilt it.

Baste as usual. Mark about a quarter inch inside each corner of the solid background

Quilt a line connecting all three dots marked and do a dense quilting inside each triangles.

Finish up by simply quiting lines coming out one corner of the printed triangles to the opposite side, spreading as even as possible. If you are not confident, you can also draw a line with washable pen first.

Here is the back of my block so you can see the quilting better.

I may have ended up with a wee bit small block for this one because I did eat a bit more than a scant 1/4" seams. For triangles and biased seams, I find it very important to keep the seam perfect to end up with a perfect size in this case 12.5" block unfinished. I hope you will do better than me. I need more practice.

Well, we are nearly at the end of the QAL. This month I will also share the last block of all and we are soon to piece them all together!
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