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Work In Progress


Working on several projects at a time has caught me with a lot of work in progress. All slow and some is not even moving anywhere. So, I decided to get focused. This week I am getting the quilt with pattern writing done. Definite. No more stalling.

Here is a peak of the quilt making.

w.I.P_The clover Lover quilt + pattern

Then, I am going to focus on getting my Marcelle Medallion done. Last week I did add another border though. Getting this one done will be on the list end of this week as soon as I get the above quilt done. I am promising to myself. Oh dear me, please don't be a promise breaker. Huhu.

marcelle growing

My socks knitting projects are going slow taking free time only during waiting or travel in the car or in between breaks where I need movies. I have got to the heel turning already. I am pretty happy though there are some uneven stitches. They are my first pair of socks, so I think I did good enough. Hopefully I will be able to get few pair of socks done before next autumn/winter!

sock knitting progress

 Well, thats all to update on my work in progress.. Linking up to :

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