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Fabriholic Anonymous

Hi! I am a fabriholic anonymous. We probably have different views when it comes to how much fabrics a quilter should have, but I feel like I have reached the maximum of mine and its overflowing. The feel of guiltiness for not cutting those fabrics and working with them has creepily got into me. At some stage I don't really feel like happy mail are really as much as happy as it used to be. It became a sign of my fabric shopping issue instead. No fun!

I also feel like I could be more productive if I just stop shopping and sew instead.
So, with this declaration, 

I the fabriholic will join Jess over at The Elven Garden to start fabric fast from now till the end of June 2014.

Thereafter, the stash will be revised to see whether the fast shall continue or not.
Nonetheless, I have made exceptions :

a) solid white or coordinating solid with the current w.i.p that shall be finished can be bought during the period

b) backing / binding fabrics can be purchased so that all quilts can be completed

c) quilt for publication which should be bought only at the time of making

Here is a current photo of 75% of my stash. I am organizing them again and will be taking more photos once it is organized. It will be my "BEFORE" photo. Wait till June 2014 and see the "AFTER". Hope I succeed! Wish me luck!

So, what I did today was unsubscribe to all online shop newsletter. It was HARD! but I DID it. 
I am going to have to close my ears and eyes for sale so that this fasting would go much easier. 
I am looking forward to a more productive year, making out of stash and stop wasting time filling up fabric in shopping carts!
Thanks for being here as my witness. I shall update from time to time how the diet is going.

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