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Goodbye 2013, Welcome 2014

2013 has been all, full of exciting things, yet too has down moments

Non quilty stories first:

Down moments : My lab was closed almost the whole year slowing down my study progress, my father in law got into a coma after an accident in June and still is in coma (your prayers are so much appreciated) and when we moved to a new rented house in february, our house was flooded and the carpets ruined.

Exciting things : My hubby got a day job, my son everyday has some fun things to make us laugh, forget heavy stuff and remind us how greatful things are. My lab reopen in October - and I hit the two year mark of PhD journey. I am already on my third year! (*don't know whether this is good news or not * haha*)

Well, enough of life stories, lets get on to reviewing crafting things I did in 2013

What I finish in 2013:

1. About A Quilt Sampler_Tutorial On littlemushroomcap, 2. Crochet Granny squares blanket _6, 3. Finished Anthro Inspired Scarflet, 4. Untitled, 5. 1_knitted sock, 6. textures _ crochet _handmade photograph, 7. gingko blues wallhanging quilt machine applique, 8. Tutorial tote bag using faux leather and quiting cotton_ how to sew faux leather, 9. HST quilt feather quilting, 10. Quilted tote front, 11. ScrappyTrip Along Quilt_backing, 12. Modern Log Cabin Baby Quilt_AGF fabric, 13. Feather Mini, 14. Happy go lucky Quilt, 15. Modern Placemat_a, 16. Liberty Love All Zipped Up bag1

Exciting crafting in 2013:

I joined simply solid bee, I joined Patchwork Please Sew Along (halfway) and I joined Make it Right Challenge

1. Apron_PatchworkPlease, 2. Patchwork Please_Tea Cosy_Paper Piecing Text, 3. Bell Pepper Coaster_Patchwork Please_Ayumi Takahashi_handmade Coaster, 4. Breakfast Linen Towel, 5. Knee Garden Mat_Placemat_PatchworkPlease_with apron, 6. Make It Right Challenge - Quilted Car Seat Pad_Angela Walter Panel_front, 7. Lucky Star BOM August Addition, 8. solids, 9. simply solid - september block for camilla

What began in 2013 and yet to finish :

1. Clover Lover_ A quilt in progress, 2. marcelle growing, 3. Briar Rose Quilt_littlemushroomcap, 4. Lucky Star BOM August Addition I have few goals for 2014, that include finishing up what I started in 2013 above and releasing several patterns. I also wanted to sell some quilts and things I make on etsy this year.

To wrap up 2013, I also bought a new sewing machine with special price during the cristmas season. *wink*

Have a lovely new year to all of you. Thank you for stopping by, commenting and supporting me. You mean a lot to me. A LOT.

Thank you..........

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