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Handmades # foldable clutch


The season of giving is a beautiful time for creating handmade to give. It just feels such a pleasure to make things to give. I have been enjoying making small gifts lately and here is one to show.

Pretty girl Clutch

I made this fold-able zip pouch for a friend who will be leaving to go back to our country soon since she has already finished her study here in Canberra.

pretty girls clutch

Her character is full of femininity and I thought it just suits her with pastel colours. Again, a fabric from Nordika by Jeni baker was picked to mix with faux leather. (I made a tutorial on Nordika Tote here)

pretty girls clutch_soft pastel

It is a very simple zip pouch but I made it longer in length so that it can be foldable. I also put the magnetic snap closure prior to sewing the sides together.

the making of foldable clutch  

 I love the simplicity of this pouch and am sure it will always be on the list of my handmade gifts in the future.

I hope you all had a great holiday and soon to welcome 2014! I am excited to welcome 2014 and looking forward for great stuff to come! Will be updating soon with more little gift just before we celebrate 2014.....yooo hoo!


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