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Knitting # Anthro-Inspired Scarflet


It has been awhile since I last blogged, and I really missed it. Well, it has been a really, really busy end of year. Especially when that two-year of graduate year mark hit me. It doesn't really stop me from crafting, though I did find myself straying around other new craft projects instead of sticking to the existing ones. 

So, since I am no where moving with my existing projects - including my QAL (Sorry for those waiting for putting the blocks together - I will get to them as soon as I have proper time), I would like to introduce you to my fairly new crafting endeavours : knitting!

Patons Knitting Yarn

After my first sock knitting project was done, I decided to go for the standard scarf knitting with two long needles. This one is made from a pattern on Ravelry. It is called Anthro-Inspired Scarflet. I love the simplicity of it and I totally recommend this pattern for knitting beginners.

Finished Anthro Inspired Scarflet

Finished Anthro Inspired Scarflet 2

Close Up detail Anthro Inspired Scarflet

I made it for a friend. A very close friend who gave me a knitting book for my birthday last year. I gave this scarf to her on her birthday last month and she loved it! I loooove the feel of giving.

There are uneven stitches in first knitting project here but I feel good anyway. Testing out from english style to continental style at a point made the scarf look different half way with somehow different tension. Lesson learnt.

In progress Anthro Inspired Scarf - knitting - chocolates

Can't wait to start knitting new projects soon, but as of today - I am going to finish off few of my W.I.Ps first before heading out to knit again! I miss blogging about those!

Till then,

Have a great weekend!

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