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Baby Shower Gift : Sew it yourself


Can you believe it, the end of January is coming. That fast?

I started this year with a lot of fear. The fear of a new year, the start of the other half end of my graduate years and then the fear of leaving Canberra. (I love Canberra.Oh I do.) I have to enjoy this moment and let fear and stress be my motivation.

This year, I began my year with a quote : FAKE IT TILL YOU BE IT. You can enjoy this motivational video if you need some motivation too. It is the act of being before becoming one, that will bring you to success and becoming what you dream of. So I, will dream, will fake it and will succeed in becoming what I want to be. InshaAllah (with God's will).

Anyway, just had to let that out before the post I want to share today.

Last two weeks, my friends arranged a surprised baby shower for two of our lovely friends who are expecting. It was kind of a short notice and I needed to make something useful for the mums yet meaningful. I remembered my early stage of breastfeeding my son and it will always be one of the greatest moment of being a mum. So, I decided to make something related to breastfeeding and the idea of making a nursing pad comes to mind.

Nursing Pad - quick baby shower gift -sew your own 

Easy right? Pile some flannel, PUL for waterproof and funky fabrics for the frontside and cut circles out of them. Serge all the raw edge together and voila! I made 3 pairs for each mum to be. Which was a whole lot of circles! It was quick though, and I manage to make all of them in the morning before the party. I printed a funky breastfeeding quote and slit inside the plastic too. Fun!

Nursing Pad - quick baby shower gift 

Well, next time you need to make something for a mum to be, try it out! Fast and easy.
Here are the two mums to be. Wish them luck!

Two gorgeous Mummy to Be 

Till then,

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