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Finish Along 2014 : Quarter 1 List


I wanted to start this year by organizing all of my work in progress and getting them done this year. The Finish Along 2014 Linky Party  is a great way to organize this and having to review them each quarter of the year is a fantastic idea. I think I might need more than a quarter to finish all the list below, but we will see. You never know I might be more organized this year and get more things done.

1. First on top of the list are the ones bounded by due dates : Doll Quilt Swap 14 and Sew Sew Modern Swap 4. Both are to be done and sent in quarter 1. I have chosen fabrics for SSM4 and have cut pieces for DQS14

DQS14 progress

2.  I have the Briar Rose "Stars and Diamonds" quilt basted and probably less than a quarter quilted and need this to be finished by the end of quarter 1.

3.  I started a journey of crocheting a lovely cardigan in Issue 47 of Inside Crochet Magazine on new year's eve. Hoping to get it finished before the cold weather comes (I'm in Australia and the cold weather are coming in June)

Crochet Rosalind cardigan - first progress Jan week1

Crochet Rosalind cardigan - first progress Jan week1_angle photo

4.  A sock knitted a quarter way will also need to be done before the chills come

Socks Knitting_Rosebud Socks _ two at a time sock _ handknit _

5.  I really wish I could finish Marcelle Medallion but that sound almost impossible in this quarter 1 but I'll list it anyway and if fail to finish by this quarter maybe it will make it to the next quarter.marcelle growing

Other W.I.Ps that need attention and will definitely not make it to the Finish Along Quarter due dates are:

Lucky Star BOM

Lucky Star BOM August Addition

Crochet Blanket

Crochet Granny squares blanket _7

Patchwork Please Swedish Bloom Quilt

Patchwork Please Swedish Bloom and Up Up and Away from Sunday Morning Quilt

So far,the year 2014 has been excellent and I love my new organizer of the year 2014 from Miss Tiina so far! 

I love Miss Tiina's designs and she has TONS of FREEBIES on her website. You should definitely check it out and I recommend you the printable 2014 Journal too. I LOVE IT!

Another thing I might just mention here, I have a crazy idea of starting a project life too to keep this year in journals/scrapbook. It would be pushing too much, but I think it could be worth of the wee hours of less sleeps!

Linking up to FAL 2014 Q1 and W.I.P Wednesday


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