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It's Finished! : I Heart Quilt Pattern


I am finally done with my second version of "I Heart Quilt".

I Heart Quilt. pattern to be released soon 

I fell in love with the first quilt so much that I was not willing to part with it. I remembered making the quilt with intention to sell the finished quilt but I didn't sell it in the end. For the record, I haven't even listed any of my finished quilts for sale. However, I am going to make a new record this year by kicking off with my first listing on Etsy.

cover pic
Since I am not following a pattern, I guess it should be legal to sell it right? That was my concern when I started thinking about selling quilts. I can't simply sell a quilt I made out of patterns published in magazines and books right? Correct me if I am wrong. Some patterns have written copyrights on them and it's made clear that we can't sell quilts made with the pattern. However, how about those in magazines? I guess making quilts to sell is far harder than making it to give.

The plan was to sell it and I didn't want to break any copyright laws,so I designed "I heart Quilt" and made it up as I go. You can read more about the journey here.

loop quilting allover

With all the hard work done, might as well, I put an extra effort to make a pattern out of it. It will be great to see more of this quilt in different colors and fabrics. So, I made another version for the pattern writing process and the quilt is Layer Cake friendly!

Choosing colours

on the chair

Here is the link to the quilt pattern on Craftsy.
If you do make one, feel free to link in my flickr group or on craftsy. If you find mistakes or would like to comment on the pattern, I am open to hear it out. This is my first quilt pattern, so I would really love to hear feedbacks!


This quilt is for sale here and the pattern is for sale on Craftsy or my etsy shop.

Thank you for supporting me and my crafty adventures.

Lots of love,

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