Saturday, March 8, 2014

Hand knit Socks


Sock knitting 

My Sock knitting Project box

At last I finished another pair of socks, a lace pattern named Rose Bud from the book by Wendy Johnson.

Pair of hand knit socks

I am a self taught knitter, I make lots - and I mean -lots of mistakes along my journey. The socks are not perfect, but I love them. This book taught me how to knit two at a time, and this one taught me how to knit a toe up socks. Other than that, I love these videos too which taught me the sense and socks terminology. If you are interested to hand knit socks, I highly recommend you all of the above. Staci's videos are awesome. She is a great teacher. So you should definitely check her out.

I love hand knit socks. There is something about them that makes me smile when I open the socks drawer and when I wear them I can't help admiring them.

Pair of hand knit socks _ worn 

Well, this one turns out better than the first one. But I totally missed out the point of lace because I did my yarn over wrong. I only got them right after the heel turns. Haha. It's okay, there'll be chance to correct that in the next pair.

Sock knitting work in progress

Back cuff and heel

Pair of hand knit socks _ worn2

In conclusion, I have enjoyed my knitting journey with these socks, though I must admit I am a very slow knitter who often got bored after few rows! Hence the slow progress.

Pair of hand knit socks _ finish

Looking forward to knit another pair soon. Crossing off this project off for my first quarter of finish along!

Sock knitting work in progress balls of yarns to finish 

Till next time,


  1. Amira...I am so very impressed with your knitting! These socks are fabulous.

  2. These socks are so cool, Amira. I love the colour of the wool and the pattern. They will certainly keep your toes warm!!

  3. I'd like to learn to knit, so thank you for the advice and links. The socks are gorgeous.

  4. Your socks are lovely. The pattern is nice and I love the colour. Thank you for the links you've shared too. I'll check them out. I'd like to try toe up socks because I could make the cuffs to fit the yarn I have, rather than running out or having a awkward-to-use-up bit left. And thank you very much for linking up with Wool on Sundays :)

  5. These socks are great, the colour really is lovely, I can't knit myself, but do crochet occassionally and like you it's always a long process as I get bored with it to.

  6. Hi Amira, I'm stopping by from Rainbow Hare Quilts. Your socks are beautiful. I love the color and the pattern is really lovely. I haven't tried to knit socks yet but I'd love to try one day.


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